Nanhua University won the National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award, and is committed to deep development and sustainable development, and is the only school in China

  • 2019-11-08
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Nanhua University won the National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award, and is the only award-winning school in the country. It is dedicated to sustainable development and the only award-winning school in the country.

(Central News Service 20191108 15:20:13) Nanhua University is committed to deep cultivation and sustainable development, creating a zero-carbon green campus, and actively implementing various energy-saving and water-saving measures such as resource recycling, composting of food waste and fallen leaves, and rainwater recycling It has achieved excellent results in energy saving and carbon reduction, and has won numerous awards. On November 8th, it was awarded the "First National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award-Gold Award". This time, a total of 67 manufacturing and non-manufacturing industries participated. Participating companies' GDP accounts for one-third of Taiwan. Nanhua University is the only university that has won a gold award. It is not easy to win this award.

The president of Nanhua University, Lin Zhiming, said that the green coverage rate of Nanhua University is more than 70%. In response to climate change, it is committed to building a green and environmentally friendly forest university. In 2016, it established a sustainable center and conducted on-campus carbon inventory in 2018 and passed ISO14064-1 certification. To confirm the school's carbon emissions, solar panels will be widely installed in the future to achieve carbon neutrality on campus and slow climate change. In order to cultivate talents in the field of environmental sustainability, a master's degree program in sustainable green technology was established in 2017. In addition, it is also actively connecting with the society. It has established the Taiwan Sustainable Green Technology Development Association to conduct annual seminars on sustainable development and green technology, and the Hong Kong Chemical Biology and Environmental Engineering Society to conduct annual international seminars on sustainable development and green technology. Scholars in the field provide a good communication platform to promote sustainable development and the advancement of theories and technologies in the field of green technology, and enhance academic exchanges and development in Taiwan.

The jury spoke on behalf of the special professor Li Yuming of Taipei University. He pointed out that Nanhua University aims to build a green university, build solar photovoltaic systems on campus, implement resource recovery and food waste reuse, and set up sustainable centers to actively promote low The carbon campus has an EUI of 71 in 107, which is lower than the benchmark value of 94 universities in the four provinces. The resource recovery rate is as high as 50%, which is an example for the education service industry.

Nanhua University's efforts and results in implementing environmental sustainability are obvious to all. In addition to receiving the honor of the "National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award", in recent years it has also received the "National Sustainability Award" and the "Chiayi County Environmental Education Award" school. The winner of the group, the National Quality Award awarded a model award for sustainability, and won the 10th "Taiwan Enterprise Industry Sustainability (TCSA) Gold Medal" and Top50 Enterprise Award in 2017 and 2019. Green University, President Lin has been elected as the chairman of Taiwan Green University since 2019.

In addition, the school has also vigorously promoted environmental education, and applied for environmental education agencies of the Environmental Protection Agency to train environmental education commentators. It has also set up a real-time environmental monitoring system to observe rainfall, wind direction, temperature and humidity, pm2.5 and pm10, and set up the first building in Taiwan. The standard permeable pavement test field measures the permeability of permeable pavements. The above facilities were established through lesson plans, and have applied for environmental education fields of the Environmental Protection Agency, leading the society to pay attention to climate change issues and provide directions for climate change adjustment. Nanhua University has continuously implemented environmental sustainability and led sustainable development and green technology for many years. Various positive actions have made the school the only school in China that has won the first national environmental protection bonus award. Return.

Source: South China University