Nanhua University Holds International Symposium on Sustainable Development and Green Technology to Promote International Sustainable Exchange

  • 2019-11-08
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Nanhua University Holds International Symposium on Sustainable Development and Green Technology to Promote International Sustainable Exchange

(Central News Service 20191108 15:48:28) In recent years, Nanhua University is committed to building a zero-emissions green campus, actively practicing resource recycling, composting food waste and fallen leaves, and recycling rainwater. Established the Sustainability Center in 2016, established the Master's Degree Program in Sustainable Green Technology in 2017, and deeply cultivated for sustainable development. In 2017, he won the National Sustainability Award and the Chiayi County Environmental Education Award School Group Championship. The quality award is awarded to the model award for perseverance, and in 2019 won the first National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award. At the same time implement social responsibility, write a corporate social responsibility report every two years, and won the 10th "Taiwan Enterprise Industry Sustainability (TCSA) Gold Award" and Top50 Award in 2017 and 2019. From the top 100 green universities, President Lin has also served as the chairman of Taiwan Green University since 2019. He is committed to promoting the sustainable development of the environment. In January 2020, the Journal of Green Technology for Sustainability will be published for international exchange.

Since 2017, the school has jointly organized international seminars with the Hong Kong Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society, including the "International Sustainable Green Technology Development Seminar" and "Sustainable Agricultural Technology Seminar" "This year from November 1st to 3rd, at the Guangxi Buddha Memorial Hall in Kaohsiung, the" 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Green Technology Development "and the" 5th Sustainable Agriculture Technology Conference "were held.

The meeting was first introduced by the director of the Buddha Memorial Hall, as usual, to the Buddha Guangshan and the Buddha Memorial Hall. The Buddha Memorial Hall has a rich collection, and held various exhibitions, conferences and international seminars, attracting more than 10 million people to visit each year. Five universities in the world and Nanhua University's achievements in promoting sustainable development. At the same time, Professor Lai Zhongsheng from Wright University in the United States was invited to talk about the world's energy development and Taiwan's energy policy recommendations. President Yao Guoshan of Taitung College shared the cultivation, extraction and application technology of agarwood. And former President of Mingdao University, President of Taiwan Organic Expert Chen Shixiong shared sustainable agricultural operations. In addition to Nanhua University in the afternoon, there are also from around the world including Michigan State University, Russian University of Technology, Bucharest Romania Textile and Leather Research and Development Institute P3 Energy & Storage GmbH, Aachen, Germany, Toyo University, Saitama, Japan, King Mumbai University of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam, University of Manila, St. Beda University, and Pingtung University of Science and Technology Scholars and Experts , Published 19 research papers, and four poster papers.

Through the exchange of experts at this international conference, two important consensuses were reached. The first is that this seminar will continue to be handled by countries every year in the future. It will integrate sustainable development talents from various countries and join the Journal of Green Technology for Sustainability editor group. Let sustainable development and green technology continue to cultivate Taiwan's internationalization.

Source: South China University