International Symposium on Environmental Sustainable Development Nanhua University and Global Scholars and Experts Promote Green Technology and Agricultural Technology Exchange

  • 2019-11-08
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"The Third International Conference on Sustainable Green Technology Development" and "The Fifth Sustainable Agricultural Technology Conference" jointly organized by Nanhua University and the Hong Kong Institute of Chemical Biology and Environmental Engineering. The central hall of the hall is held. This time from the world including Wright University, Michigan State University, Russian Institute of Technology, Bucharest Romania Textile and Leather Research and Development Institute, P3 Energy & Storage GmbH of Aachen, Germany, Toyo University, Saitama, Thailand Scholars and experts from King ’s University of Technology Mumbai Bangkok, National University of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam, and St. Beda University of Manila, Philippines participated to promote international sustainable exchanges.

 The director of the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Hall, as usual, delivered a speech at the venue, saying that the Buddha Hall is committed to environmental protection and heart protection under the leadership of Master Nebula. From 2014 to the present, it has been awarded the international SGS certification and passed the ISO50001 energy management system every year. With Sany as its core value, Promote a harmonious society between people and me, and introduce the Buddha Hall to VIPs with the video of Professor Lancaster (The Buddha Memorial I Seen).

In recent years, President Lin Zhiming of Nanhua University has led academic and administrative units in the school to actively implement resource recycling, composting of food waste and fallen leaves, and rainwater recycling and reuse. Various energy-saving and water-saving measures have been devoted to creating a zero-emissions green campus. Established a sustainable center, established a master's degree program in sustainable green technology in 2017, and deeply cultivated in sustainable development. In 2017, he won the national sustainability award and the Chiayi County Environmental Education Award school group champion. In 2018, he won the national quality award. Awarded the Model Award for Persistence, and won the first National Enterprise Environmental Protection Award in 2019. In order to implement social responsibility, we write a corporate social responsibility report every two years, and won the 10th "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability (TCSA) Gold Medal Award" and Top50 Awards in 2017 and 2019. From the top 100 green universities, President Lin has also served as the chairman of Taiwan Green University since 2019, and is committed to promoting the sustainable development of the environment. The Journal of Green Technology for Sustainability will be published in January 2020 for international exchange.

Since 2017, Nanhua University and Hong Kong Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Society have jointly organized international seminars, including the "International Sustainable Green Technology Development Seminar" and "Sustainable Agricultural Technology Seminar" meeting". This time, through the exchange of experts at international conferences, two important consensuses were reached. The first is that in the future, it will continue to go beyond Taiwan and even other countries to handle sustainable international seminars. It will also integrate sustainable development talents from various countries to make sustainable development and green Technology can plow Taiwan into the world.

ps: Adhering to the master Nebula's philosophy of "confidence, joy, hope, and convenience", the Buddha Memorial Hall is an international museum that integrates culture, art, and education. Schools and performing arts groups at all levels apply for venue borrowing on a public interest basis when hosting events. For detailed method, please download the form: