• 2019-12-30
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Technology cannot bring real happiness to mankind, and technology cannot solve the pollution and disasters brought about by development. Mayan culture and the decline and fall of Easter Island are examples of ecological unsustainability caused by overdevelopment. Only sustainable operation can sustain the earth's support for human and biological life. The UN report states that by 2030, the solar, wind and biomass energy industries alone will add 20 million green energy jobs. One in four workers in the United States will be a green collar worker. Taiwan's green-collar workers will have more than a million people. It is predicted that every job in the future, including food, clothing, living and entertainment, will definitely be transformed into a green collar job.
        In order to achieve the goal of cultivating green-collar talents, this seminar has been handled since 2017, and the 2020 4th Sustainable Development & Green Technology Symposium will be held in 2020 to improve green collar And perpetual education.

Seminar Date: April 11, 109 (Saturday) 8 am-5 pm

Venue: Nanshui University Yunshuiju International Conference Hall (No. 55, Section 1, Nanhua Road, Dalin Town, Chiayi County)

Organizers: Master Degree Program of Sustainable Green Technology, School of Science and Technology, Nanhua University, Sustainable Center of Nanhua University, Department of Information Engineering, Nanhua University, Taiwan Sustainable Green Technology Development Association, Yunlin County Natural Agriculture Development Association

Co-organizers: Department of Natural Biotechnology, Nanhua University, Liberal Arts Center of Nanhua University, Kaohsiung Urban Development Bureau, Environmental Protection Center of Industry Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

Sponsors: Mengxin Industrial Co., Ltd., Chongsheng Enterprise Co., Ltd., Yaoji Industrial Co., Ltd.

Venue: Nanhua University

Phone: 05-2721001 ext. 40170

Email: tracy@nhu.edu.tw

Contact: Miss Liang Ruizhen