"Step by Step, Discovering New Taiwan"-Changhua Xizhou has an old principal, and his life plan after retirement is to save the planet.

  • 2019-12-16
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There is an old headmaster in Changzhou Xizhou. The plan for life after retirement is to save the planet.
When you see it, everyone will think that he is mad!
Chen Shixiong, the old principal, is not crazy! A look in his garden shows that the ideal is grounded. Chen Shixiong made the three-point land of his hometown into an organic farm. His farm is very special. There is no fixed production. It has more than 50 kinds of plants and fruit trees, a large group of chickens, ducks and bees, and black water turtles ...

Can black water salamander save the earth? Chen Shixiong will do it for everyone. Black water salamander is easy to raise. It can be decomposed into fertilizer for plant needs. The black larvae are fat for chickens, ducks and geese. The food, black water maggots are not disturbing like flies. They drink water for ten days to mate and then die. Therefore, Xu Shixiong believes that farming, fishery, animal husbandry, even restaurants or schools, as long as blackwater bream breeding can solve the problem of environmental pollution, and the process is "zero carbon emissions" and "zero pollution". There is a perfect cycle. If more people can do it together, the global warming effect will definitely slow down.

Such a veteran principal was a professor in the Department of Agronomy at ZTE University and an important promoter of early organic agriculture in Taiwan. He did not understand the importance of organic. He used to learn how to use pesticides and fertilizers to achieve agricultural benefits. Until one year, he took over the management responsibility of Xingda Farm and found that the farm has long-term output. The quantity was not good, and the staff also had problems with spraying pesticides on his body, so Chen Shixiong decided to change and promote organic rice cultivation on the farm. As a result, he successfully created topics and gave him great confidence.

So he started to promote ideas at home and abroad, but slowly found that the problem of young farmers returning to farming to work in the countryside was very big, without funds and background, and soon they could not survive, so he decided to help them well after retirement. He Use your own three points to do experiments, let young farmers learn how to make fruit trees with high economic value, raise bees and honey, raise chickens and ducks in a natural way, sell honey and eggs to increase income and maintain agricultural ideals. It is important to use black water.虻 Achieve a good cycle and work together for the planet.

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