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Environmental Education

 low-carbon energy sustainable campus
● Promote green low-carbon campus, implement resource recovery, kitchen waste recycling, deciduous compost, energy saving and water saving measures, rainwater collection and reuse, etc.
● On average, each person produces only about 20 kilograms of garbage each year, with an effective resource recovery rate of 49.7%. The campus can save 842.96 tons of CO2 emissions by saving energy throughout the year
● Xue Hui Lou foundation can be stored 3136 m3 as a toilet and urinal flush, each year can reduce about 2200 kg of CO2 emissions
● school area of ​​63 hectares, forest and green area of ​​about 46 hectares, accounting for 73% of school grounds, the school planting about 300 kinds of plants, and another 52 kinds of native plants and 81 species of birds