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1."Nanhua University Sustainable Center" space coordination and funding applications
2. Application for external funding for the International Symposium on Sustainable Agriculture (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, COA, Foundation)
3. Tree planting activities (Arbor Day)
4. Water Resources Management Series (World Water Day)
5. World Earth Day series activities
1. To develop the environmental education policy for the sustainable development of our school
2. Build our school energy-saving equipment, create low-carbon campus
3. Research and development of environmental education resources to promote environmental education programs
4. Completion of CSR (Corporate Sustainability Report)
5. Biodiversity Day Series activities
6. International car-free series of activities
7. Higher education innovation transformation plan application
8. World Food Day Series activiti
1. Through the "environmental education field certification", to create environmentally friendly campus
2. To carry out environmental education personnel training, environmental class, enrich the environmental education resources
3. Combine the environmental resources of the school and the community to enhance the effectiveness of the concept of sustainable development
4. Promote the concept of sustainable construction, effective management of campus space
1. To promote the development of low-carbon city cradle
2. To establish a "green collar talent" training and media center
3. "zero carbon emissions campus」